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Libreville : four ivory traffickers arrested by judicial policeLibreville’s.

Libreville : four ivory traffickers arrested by judicial policeLibreville’s.In Libreville, judicial police have dealt a significant blow by putting an end to the activities of four Gabonese ivory traffickers.

A joint operation with the NGO Conservation Justice has uncovered a well-organized network involved in the illegal possession and sale of ivory. The suspected culprits face heavy prison sentences and substantial fines according to the current law. This marks a victory for the fight against poaching in Gabon’s forests and waterways.

Four individuals have been apprehended by Gabonese authorities for ivory trafficking in Libreville, the capital, on Thursday, June 6th. This operation, carried out by the Directorate for the Fight against Forest and Water Poaching in collaboration with the Judicial Police of Libreville and the NGO Conservation Justice, resulted in the seizure of four whole ivory tusks.

The arrests occurred after officers noticed the suspicious behavior of a man named K.Y, who was found in possession of a polyethylene bag containing the ivory tusks. Upon interrogation, K.Y implicated an accomplice, M.S, as the intermediary tasked with selling the ivory. M.S then implicated K.N.F as the true owner of the ivory, who was also arrested. All four individuals admitted to possessing the ivory at some point and attempting to sell it from a hotel room.

The four individuals, K.Y, M.S, K.N, and K.N.F, face charges of illegal possession, attempted sale, complicity in possession, complicity in attempted sale of ivory tusks, and violation of animal protection laws. Under current legislation, they could face up to 10 years in prison and fines equivalent to five times the market value of the seized ivory tusks.


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